Adapter snap in bmw

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Dylan Stricker 29 April 2018

Will it pull your podcasts from podcast addict?

MrDiaksikPl 06 May 2018

Its compatible with bmw e46 Year 2002?

x.D.A.x Boss 10 May 2018

Material Kosten 15€ und im Verkauf 140€ 👎

Bend Em 11 May 2018

Please make it fit iPhone 7 plus at no charge to people who have current snap in current cars all 2017 models worldwide 👍🏻

Juan Carlos Zapata 15 May 2018

Hi, Does it works with the iphone 6?

Stephen Youngblood 21 May 2018

Will this work on an 2005 bmw 530i?

Saud Albazei 24 May 2018

All of these options are available when you connect your smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, which are more convenient and do not take space in the compartment.

Julian Vail 28 May 2018

is this adapter compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6?

jessen mootoosamy 03 June 2018

can you please tell me what snap in adapter i need to use for a galaxy note 5 please?

Pavelo Totti 07 June 2018

Hello, If I bought the snap in adapter, will I be able to use the BMW APP option? Note: I don t have the navigation package. pls let me know

James Tribol 12 June 2018

how much is the snap in adapter?

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