Кадиллак эскалейд краш тест

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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JayBearX05 Ps4 08 May 2018

I made a right choice saving up for this SUV

SuperEgor 11 May 2018

Если бы его Авторевю тестировал, с 40 процентным перекрытием он бы в гавно был. А при таком перекрытии даже ВАЗ 2105 имел лучшие результаты

Xavier Hawkins 12 May 2018

Makes me remember my moms 2016 Cadillac Escalade makes me feel unsafe in a way

WRONG_ TARGET_ 15 May 2018

This is PAINFUL to watch! That looks like a Platinum (based on the rims).

Alexis Roque97 22 May 2018

That hurt me and i don t even own onw

Alihan YANMAZ 26 May 2018

bu fiyatta bir araç için hatta bir arazi aracı için rezalet

Natasha Davis 29 May 2018

This is the car I m saving up for and I absolutely love the design of the car. So why do I find this video so oddly satisfying?

X HAVANA STAR X 02 June 2018

Omg the cringe when u watch the mirros fly forward like wtf 😂😂

Tom H 07 June 2018

People need to learn that the car crumples so you don t have to.

Brennen W. Smith 10 June 2018

Appears that they put only heavy metal where they needed to. The hood and side panels were completely folded up like a piece of tin foil. Cheap.

weirdshibainu 17 June 2018

it did ok.doors stayed closed.collapsed like it was supposed to

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