2013 sport ford explorer

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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Efrain Sanchez 03 March 2018

Is it me or these explorers look like small versions of chevy tahoes 2007-2013 the design look so familiar

Brad Meyer 05 March 2018

This generation of Ford Explorer is my favorite. If I ever get a sport model, it has to be in black.

Aiden Pearce 10 March 2018

Honda Pilot is UGLY like this guy

Jersey Johnnie 13 March 2018

mine still going strong.added air filter upgrade

kelvin 5.3 5.7 Mathew V8 king 15 March 2018

wait i just learned something i thought the Explorer compare with the journey equinox and pilot wow just learned something

kelvin 5.3 5.7 Mathew V8 king 19 March 2018

ford hate kids with all that hard plastic back there in the 3rd row 😂😭😂

kelvin 5.3 5.7 Mathew V8 king 23 March 2018

50,000 dollars that truck better come with a V8 dang but this a nice truck tho

Steven Rollims 26 March 2018

it has a gas smell this summer when I use the air conditioner coming from the back passenger seat

Jennifer Delp 30 March 2018

You re a real cranky reviewer.you make this car sound so bad.

Bill Peirce 03 April 2018

Should be getting a lot better mpg by now. Pluss the prise is crazy high.

WolfBlitzer 09 April 2018

Says it requires two hands to fold the third row seats. Does it with one.

Bruno TaTa 10 April 2018

The Acura is reliable, but it didn t impress me driving that generation. Competent, not sporty, acceptable acceleration, but not fast. And the folding rear seats were a mess, not flat and continuous enough for my dogs.

Jersey Johnnie 11 April 2018

have one, good truck, quick.drives like it looks.Jersey Style.

God Save America 18 April 2018

I have a Mustang GT so the desire for a V8 is definitely there but unless the V8 is making it fast like a fast car, I don t think I would care. When he played the exhaust note it actually sounded pretty good especially for stock exhaust, I would ve mistakened it for a V8 exhaust.

The Bus Photographer Of California 24 April 2018

I miss the truck base explorer. It looked similar to the Ford expedition. The current generation explorer the not have a v8 power train like in the past.

seattwa 30 April 2018

I test drove a 2014 a few days ago and was not impressed. It did not have the tight steering or smooth ride of an Edge. It was very clunky and truck feeling. But it looked good!

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