Ford c max energi

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Adam Eugene 05 May 2018

You’ve mentioned it was based on the Fiesta 3 to 4 times which is misinformation. In which is not a good thing for Car & Driver which is such an established auto magazine. It is based on the FOCUS! It’s actually pretty noticeably obvious in appearance inside and out.

Meeno Do 10 May 2018

Wires carry hundreds of volts. Wtf? Does this dude have highschool diploma? Does he understand DC and AC? For a journalist reporting the tech, he sounds so damn ignorance. Time to fire this old hat.

Bobbi Clinger 12 May 2018

Had ours for almost three years. Still love it. I hope that someone will make a replacement battery pack with a lot more range with the new battery technology.

Andres Valdes B 13 May 2018

If they made full electric or gas I ll buy it, but 20 miles of range is ridiculous

Jon Car 15 May 2018

We had a 2013 and fit and finish was terrible. We just leased a 2016 version and they improved it 100% Improved in every area. Currently Ford is blowing them out at a $11 grand discount and a lease special for $260 a month with $500 down. Ends October 6th 2016

Jim Bo 19 May 2018

I have one of these, LOL, the sync system and my ford mobile app let the whole car down. What made ford want to partner with Microsoft, good car, lousy infotainment sytem

Sky Wu 23 May 2018

ford make this c max are garbage, corrosion and coolant leak found on my cmax dealership answer was it s normal and corrosion not cover under 3/36 either

jack in Vancouver 28 May 2018

Small error. It is based on the 104 wheelbase Focus, not Fiesta.

v SIG 29 May 2018

Is worth the extra money for the Energy or just buy the Hybrid. ?

papa j 04 June 2018

C-Max is based on the Focus platform, not the Fiesta.

Hanc 06 June 2018

Need more range. 20 miles is just not enough.

Kristopher Inman 07 June 2018

I m so glad I bought one of these (2014 model). Just an absolutely fantastic car.

TransAtlanticEV 13 June 2018

I m an EV nut yet have to commute 58 miles in each direction to get to work. Thus, this car was my only choice! I get to work in the morning using. 7 gallons of gas when I have charged the battery up overnight! It is a fuel miser and very much electric locally.

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