Киа рио в ютубе

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  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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EllysaE 10 May 2018

It’s very cute. If I had a teenage daughter, would buy.

M C 14 May 2018

I live in Canada, so how many L/100km does this car use?

helloMr.Nguyen 20 May 2018

wish we have this in U.S. it s looking great indeed.

mob1235 26 May 2018

3:16 There you see he has no technical knowledge about cars. With small light cars there are always problems with the rear disc brakes. So they made an advantage and use drum brakes again.

Iamreallycoolful11 30 May 2018

4:36 fifty cubic feet of storage! Holy cow!

Павел Морозов 04 June 2018

The front seats are comfortable or not?

TWITCHCHANN 09 June 2018

He talks like those guys from South Park when they try to make lisping characters. Cant stand it.

Acuravigor47 12 June 2018

This guy needs to stick to writing reviews for someone else to verbally day in a video.

Quân Anh 17 June 2018

Are all the options the same for the us market?

Valentin Ispas 22 June 2018

This is the first video and first vlogger to show the car underneath - which honestly is technically awesome. No crap talking, just right. And fun.

Mahgwa 26 June 2018

I can t decide, between the Kia Rio or the Hyundai Accent.arg, who would have thought buying a cheap 2nd family car would be such a hard choice!

Trenton Pottruff 03 July 2018

Wow, if I could afford it, I would totally make this car my first purchase.

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