Maybach s class coupe

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  • Дата публикации: 23 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:15:56


blazinmark1 23 March 2018

I m sorry but until you straighten out your Audio Please stop posting! These vids are horrid to listen to!

lol lol 26 March 2018

This car looks like a civic next to a Rolls Royce. And the interrior should be a different color. . in my opinion. Im not impressed at all

Laguna Milkman 28 March 2018

I thought the grill is broke! Then oh it’s the cameras (ruin the grill look which is very important on the front, should have installed smaller cameras!).

Mr.Turtle 123 30 March 2018

I m sure the the shift paddles of this car costs more than my existince

Macc Jay 03 April 2018

The nicest Benz drop top I ve ever seen

Derfunkmeister 04 April 2018

So in order to get Chrom on a car today one har to spend 500.000 €? Every Car had that in the 60 s?

KASHO KASHO 09 April 2018

The best Benz to get 1.

Derek Dere 15 April 2018

I d be really pissed if I was the owner that just bought it lol.

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