Майбах экселеро видео на русском

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  • Дата публикации: 11 May 2018
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michael tuemose 12 May 2018

fucking sad maybach made something, so fucking ugly.

Sizwe Mthiyane 16 May 2018

Please dont name your page in English when you speak your narrate in your native language, it is frustrating.

Chad Thompson 23 May 2018

8 fucking million dollars? What do you even expect from a car that price? I don t know how you can possibly make a car that expensive. Whoever buys this is throwing money away.

Ich0808 29 May 2018

Mein Tesla Modell S verbläßt diesen V12 Ist nur Ehrlich gemeint! Von 0 auf 100 Km/h in 2,3 Sek!

MrTruth111 31 May 2018

So they sold one, and that one made them a huge profit.

Engel Styla 02 June 2018

Zu teuer kein Luxusklasse nicht schneller als 351 km/h

parteitag KONSTANTIN THERNENKO CCCP 07 June 2018

der grill erinnert an hasenzähne oder die ganze front ist ein bags bunny

iballisticbunny 325 11 June 2018

Lemme tell you wut I understood from this video. Geek Ga duh Vong zong Batmobile Zak valaik zatt brrr concept car on vavishte skrrr pop pop pop. . Thank you Hope you understood

Demokratie? 15 June 2018

Kommt einem bekannt vor. Den lancia thesis gab s schon 2002

deybson carvalho 21 June 2018

sem designer arrojante.prefiro uma ferrari mesmo.

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