Amg mercedes slk 55

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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Ivan Nevistic 09 May 2018

Amazingly this cars performs like a m4 consumes the same and sounds incredible better!

Ignacio Ruelas 10 May 2018

so was this the last year they made the slk series then switched to SLC? I m confused, help😂

Shaheen Fahim 17 May 2018

How much is it can anybody tell me?

Boca Exotic 20 May 2018

I just checked all differences between my neighbors and this car and it s the exact car, same license plate frame, same exterior, same interior. I think he has the car that was featured in this video! I live next to a SaabKyle Car! AWESOME

Sang SokSerey OFFICIAL 23 May 2018

In love with this car but I dun have money :/ I will got u one day

AMGPilot 28 May 2018

Good review but there is one major mistake. The R172 SLK55 AMG Does Not have the MCT Transmission it has a traditional torque converter.

Thomas Wright 29 May 2018

that dealership is actually fucking huge

Pup Alex 31 May 2018

I got my first car at that dealership a sl550

TCS VLogs 07 June 2018

Roses are red violets are blue I came for the sound and so did you

Joey Schiavone 13 June 2018

Cheap ass halogen lights, smfh!

Kevin Ho 15 June 2018

omg! ive been talking about that magic sky control s0tech for yeaaaars it would be perfect for the side windows especially at night when you cant see anything through the tint

Kevin Ho 18 June 2018

the best looking sl after the sl65 black series

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