Bmw 3 или mercedes c

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carwow 08 May 2018

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Turkknight123 11 May 2018

Yh but the jag is the best because it s a JAAAAAAAG. jeremy clarkson is the best!

111mmgg 18 May 2018

bmw practically owns the manual market

Firearms Saad 24 May 2018

I have a Lamborghini centanario please review my car

Tom Gray 28 May 2018

For me, the New C class merc would top the list with its new technology. But at the time of the review the audi s digital cockpit was far above the other 3 cars infotainment, witht he most practical interior + boot

Adrian Ambroz 31 May 2018

I prefer A4 but in black exterior colour

Karthik DK 03 June 2018

The jaguar s exterior and interior are not value for money

Tudor Husar 05 June 2018

I will buy the bmw, but i respect your opinion. Great info but i am sure bmw is the car to own for me cause i dont care for audi technology pack, but hey the diferences between them are so small that it`s a matter of taste.

sangram Patil 11 June 2018

audi a4 is the vest amongst all four👌

Lexus Fox 13 June 2018

What about value? Which one depreciates less?

Stanced NissanGtr 16 June 2018

The jaguar is technically indian

Thomas Nguyen 18 June 2018

You can t say that one car looks better than the other. It s a preference.

Der Kommentierer 21 June 2018

Mercedes all day. There is a bigger display you can get in c class and it looks the best.

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