Мерседес glk 2012 года цена

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kjkuouiojiuyh 09 May 2018

Thumbs up for the attempt at german accent.

Paul Aiello 14 May 2018

LMFAO! RSX? Lol ok ok we all know she meant RDX but it s still funny.

john b 18 May 2018

mocking a dog ruf ruf or was that roof?

Mike Han 24 May 2018

Acura rsx is a 2 door compact vehicle.

Rob Doak 31 May 2018

Emme - You re awesome! And the car is too!

knox hall 07 June 2018

I, actually loved this review! I also loved the cupholder bit! keep doing what you do! +Roadfly Automotive Network 

W Wade 10 June 2018

INSTANTLY shut off the reveiw and looked elsewhere after the cupholder bit.

Kyle Stewart 15 June 2018

She meant Acura RDX not RSX lol. Tsk tsk.

colinatlantic 19 June 2018

But the German exchange student said that about us being fat.

The247th 25 June 2018

Put an Acura next to a Mercedes. I ll bet my money on Benz.

sebastian aykler 28 June 2018

are you on crack man. the glk is one of benz most comfortable quiet rides AND theyre made in germany unlike the ML

Tony Winter 30 June 2018

The q5 is not a competitor for this car, the q3 is

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