040274 ошибка опель астра h

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  • Дата публикации: 13 January 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:04:50

В этом видео: хрень, атсра, диагностик, ремонт, проблема, автомобиль, диагностика, термостат.


Monstrosity Sound Inc. 14 January 2018

I wouldn t cut the wires like that because you going to short the computer if you do not disconnect the battery just my thought but very nice video

HatedWar 20 January 2018

how about Honda prelude po141 code

DirtAddiction 24 January 2018

Poke and Hope technology here. Lets replace a part, and hope it works. Forget about actually diagnosing the problem. Ha.

GetRhythm2011 30 January 2018

A friend of mine has a 2002 Saturn with the Po141 code, which from what I understand is the post-cat sensor. If necessary, any idea how to clear the code for that car? It also has a po300 code for misfirings, but that s a different deal. Thanks for the simple and handy video.

David Pagan 04 February 2018

Will it make my car code say lean my idle off too

richpin06a 08 February 2018

That is exactly why i cut the connector off.

Dee Vee 10 February 2018

The 7/8 box wrench wouldn t have fit over the plug that s why he cut it.

Moayad Sewar 12 February 2018

is there any way to reset the P code without going to shop?

shade231 15 February 2018

except that the check engine light comes back on even after changing the back end sensor.

inc2000glw 22 February 2018

so thats how auto shops get rich fast. they can take their time and do this realllll slow.

richpin06a 23 February 2018

I used a box wrench because of the tight space.

Filmaker25 26 February 2018

why did you cut the wires? It looks like the connector would disconnect?

Filmaker25 27 February 2018

Do you need to reset the codes for this when you re done?

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