911 porsche targa 4 gts

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  • Дата публикации: 04 January 2018
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Patrick Cowley 05 January 2018

Where was the video filmed? It looks so beautiful there.

Yusi boi 08 January 2018

So you brought a left hand drive porsche all the way down to South Africa?

Barry Carr 13 January 2018

Looks like Richard Hammond with cancer.

Julian Evans 14 January 2018

He is dreadful. He might actually be worse than Richard Hammond. And says almost nothing about the car, other than the absolute basics.

lucashawks1009 20 January 2018

what color is this? which red i mean?

James Van Leuven 25 January 2018

This would make a nice comfortable daily driver, though I personally would use a manual transmission, primarily due to my lack of interest in automatics, in spite of the PDK. It just seems uninteresting.

James James 30 January 2018

porsche should​ make it rear wheel drive

Hunter Lane 02 February 2018

$170,000 you have got to be kidding me.only for the stupid rich. Stupid $$ for the old man who will truly never drive this thing like it needs to be driven, and will help them get to their tee time. Really Porsche this is who you market this amazing machine too.

ZDY 04 February 2018

so does this GTS pull a 2.8 to 100km like the motorTrend one did? i cant tell if its real anymore.thats the old turbo numbers, this is crazy! for 450 hp? to pull 2.8!

Louis Lestner 05 February 2018

PDK is the only one people will buy! As if, manuals are rapidly becoming more popular theses days

____________ 08 February 2018

3.5 second 0-60 in a convertible. Nothing beats a porsche.

Frank Einstein 12 February 2018

I hate people who say pdk is better than manual. Its like saying masturbating is better than sex

gary hsu 13 February 2018

is GTS really much better than carrera S?

S M 16 February 2018

Is this better than Bentley gt V8 S

Mr Jack 20 February 2018

I bought the actual Porsche 911S that you reviewed whenthey first came out (yes the actual car!) but I m not thinking about a GTS. Is the difference noticeable enough, is the exhaust sound any better?

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