Audi q7 или porsche cayenne

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Jakub Matusek 29 April 2018

tiff sorry you are a moron q7 is just better

shreyyss lal 02 May 2018

Audi v10 is heavier than Porsche how ever Audi is best in offroading Porsche is best in speed

Edmond Trunbull 07 May 2018

If I need to choose one car from the video, I will choose The Volvo Lol

polarweiß 11 May 2018

The ceramique brakes didnt like that but the audi people getting their press car back didnt like it more lol

Aayush Singh 16 May 2018

Audi q7 is my favourite and best car

patrick dwyer 22 May 2018

Why can’t we get the v12 in US?

Ving Tan 25 May 2018

Your putting a lighter 5 sweater suv against a much heavier 7 sweater suc

Peter 2oo1 30 May 2018

It should of been the Volvo pulling the Porsche and the Audi

Hammad Ali 04 June 2018

These SUV s are not about speed, by a Sports car if you want speed and feel, they are ment for power, and the Audi won.

Michael Lang 05 June 2018

Audi is the best from the world

Meatboy 106 12 June 2018

Torque alone means nothing so the Audi doesn t have I don t know how many % more towing abilities. Power is everything. Engine torque does not give you towing power as the transmission can convert it to any wheel torque you want.

jere liukas 14 June 2018

Theres no grip xD theres no fucking grip if u get all power dumfucks

heat seeker 18 June 2018

The V12 engine is wasted in that Audi Q7, it should be in a supercar like the R8. I guarantee you most owners of the V12 Q7 use only a fraction of its power to go shopping and run errands.

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