Porsche 2017 panamera turbo

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Aaron Roosing 07 January 2018

If you want autonomous driver assists, get a tesla. This is a drivers car, not a car to drive you.

Tom Tru 13 January 2018

Planning to get one of these in two three months. German cars are great, but bmw and Mercedes just make their cars looked so boring, every single bmw car looked the same to me. Porsche Panamera just make the front looked like a sport car and the back of a luxury Bentley.

Dan 18 January 2018

21:15 yes there is. It s called Porsche Inno drive. Please look up shit before you talk m8 And there also is a 360° camera. The car you re driving is just not having it. Doesn t mean it s not avalable.

Dan 25 January 2018

The real reason why the engine start key thing is on the left is because years ago races started outside of the car. You first had to run to your car before starting the race. So when you enter the car in a rush you can turn on the car much faster than if it was on the other side. I hope I helped.

lawrence chappe 30 January 2018

@DougDemuro. Can you do a comparison between the Panamera and the Tesla Model S?

Soheil R 01 February 2018

this is horribly speced, no 4zone climate control, boring rims, no crest on headrest

M1LL10N3R3 06 February 2018

3:27 „it’s like a headlight strike force!“ i swear I laughed loud! You so Right! xD

VonMarmotson 08 February 2018

Just a note Doug: The Panamera is not the only hatchback in the luxury sedan sector. Audi A/S/RS7 is a hatchback and looks so much better than the A/S6 because of it (in my opinion). Love the videos though, keep it up.

The Pink Panther 13 February 2018

What about Ferrari GTC4? That s a two doors station wagon super car

Brad Coram 17 February 2018

Americans and their obsession with cup holders. . .

Ola Lilliehöök 22 February 2018

Touch buttons is retarded, and screen controlled ventilation is even worse.

alcyone svx 24 February 2018

@150k. i would expect everything to be bolted down!

C Blanco 01 March 2018

Doug, you sometimes speak things that you are clueless about and I usually let it go. But damn, you were so far off about the Sport Chrono clock it was cringe worthy.

shoobadoo123 04 March 2018

GTC4Lusso only got a 5 for styling, but this got a 6! Douglas trippin

KingVik 09 March 2018

It’s cool but s63 amg and m760 Lil is way better

lybb 14 March 2018

The 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo Is the Ultimate $150,000 Luxury Sedan

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