Porsche panamera 2017 turbo executive

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  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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Panos Gix 10 May 2018

If possible u MUST put the list of Artists and titles of ALL the Songs u play in your videos. Some of them are gr8.

Luke 12 May 2018

what happened to executive rear seat details and how it is different to base model?

Aristeu Fidelis 16 May 2018

Perfect vehicle end a beautiful place. Congratulations!

NC G 17 May 2018

Music so horrendous I could only watch half the video.

Gabriel Andres 21 May 2018

wow get a new video editor. horrible

Emad Ahmed 28 May 2018

Nothing on the rear seats? Fucking idiots.

Thy Enmity 01 June 2018

Wtf is up with the music? Is motortrend trolling us

A Google User 04 June 2018

Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid isn t the clunkiest name ever. The clunkiest car name ever is, and yes this is an actual name: The BMW M760Li xDrive Model V12 Excellence. LOL

rickyrich93 09 June 2018

worse audio of any motortrend video i ve ever seen. who ok d this?

Castor Troy 14 June 2018

the worst motor trend video ever, omg. if you want to see nice videos with porsche check out Cars with Luke channel

RAJ KANWAR 21 June 2018

this second generation car is the greatest hit car

ansaree97 25 June 2018

Im way late on saying this but the production of this video was horrible, made an otherwise great review of a great car feel like shit. Carfection did a wayyy better job at this.

Honfy Lam 01 July 2018

11.6 to the 1/4 mile is quite a bit slower than the M5 and E63S. Sure this is not the S version but it does cost nearly twice as much as the 2 cars I mentioned

FuckOuttaHere 05 July 2018

So technically the tatra is a hemi

Matt Barnabee 08 July 2018

please dont add background music when talking and driving.

stringer 2295 11 July 2018

Have to stop watching.everyone is right about the music.

stringer 2295 13 July 2018

Imagine any other manufacturer making the same car for the last 50 years.

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