Субару импреза wrx sti 2017

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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negro i am 10 May 2018

i want something that can drift good cause i know this is awd but does it drift?

Coding Corner 16 May 2018

That thing looks like a civic had sex with a gorilla.

ElsaSTI 21 May 2018

I ve got to hand it to Morries, investing in that new media content. Well done!

Leuis Marian 27 May 2018

I just wished they add another turbo to be a twin turbo and to give it more boost

The93vigor 02 June 2018

I have two words for Subaru. ringland failure! I ve had two brand new stock sti motors with this problem in one year! I warn anyone thinking of buying a sti to understand they are defective motors and all are ticking time bombs. :( from 05 to the current models

Nancy Ramos 04 June 2018

argue signal elsewhere fan cultural employ frame put secretary

ceddyb11 09 June 2018

Not sure where having a big wing effects trunk space on a stock factory car?

0mer Qasim 11 June 2018

if you can t drive a manual you can t drive. full stop

Andrew Fallon 13 June 2018

Outdated engine and I don t like how long the dash is and how high you sit. Those are the three things that kept me from buying one. Gonna wait til 2019

Ernie Flannel 18 June 2018

Makes me laugh reading some of the comments. Moan moan moan, cheap interior, needs more power blah blah. Guess it must get boring looking at your car posters on the bedroom wall eh?

Anthony lawrence 21 June 2018

does the 2017 models still have the ringland issue?

Tucker Maletta 23 June 2018

I m looking into get into one of these. 2017 base model wrx sti. Do the boomerang lights work on it? Or is that only other wrx sti models?

Yes Sure 29 June 2018

So open it up and let her go for goodness sake

Clutchkick Chris 02 July 2018

this is my dream car. i want to custom order one whenever i pay off my civic si (in 5 years lmao). I hope that the body style for the 2023 s is good haha.

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