1000 suzuki v strom

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LoudandDave 06 January 2018

Now you need to go ride a Tiger 1200 XCa and an R1200GS bmw. You will shit your pants. Close to 50hp more, better suspension, cruise control, HEATED FUCKING SEATS lol

LoudandDave 12 January 2018

Fuck yeah that modular life on an ADV bike. SHoei Neotec. Seriously, fucking mind blowing ventilation even with the face closed.

LoudandDave 18 January 2018

would have trouble leaning lmao. Dude, you have been riding long enough to understand bike physics better than that. I scrape pegs on mine, with big aluminum cases and knobby tires.

LoudandDave 24 January 2018

Traction control you have to be off the gas decelerating or stopped

LoudandDave 28 January 2018

I fucking love mine. SBK dudes give me shit about it, but its fucking fantastic. Get better bags though, the Givi or Touratech top loaders.

Jared Hancock 01 February 2018

(Van door opens) “What are you doing” (Van door closes) “I didn’t think so”

zack dean 04 February 2018

Shit you say your short, im 5 6ish maybe 5 7 lol!

BIKE RUN 05 February 2018

So funny, Thank s. even if 1200gs, ktm, ducati bikes r better in high-end specs, the v-strom has it own character.

Polar228-JR 07 February 2018

They don t look the best? They re fucking sexy!

Quagmire88 14 February 2018

You need to ride the new versys1000LT, its even faster and much smoother. Also you shouldn t wheelie any of the SVs or even the Vstroms. It will starve the front cylinder of oil, burning it up.

Nicholas Frank 17 February 2018

Funny story, that s the bike I just got as of yesterday! 2014 v strom 1000. Couldn t be happier

Larry Guerriero 21 February 2018

that looks like the standard seat.there s a low seat optoin (also a high)

Sebastian P. 28 February 2018

ducati multistrada is more touring. the hypermotard is more of a hoon machine. Both great bikes, have pieces of both in the garage

philip bush 03 March 2018

the only reason i liked your videos is because of your h2

M3ch/Alone_wolf 06 March 2018

im 6 8 that bike would be perfect

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