Bi fuel volvo что это

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  • Дата публикации: 15 April 2018
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Michał Sierpiński 15 April 2018

It means that in old one overtaking is much safer than in the new one.

Marky Mark 20 April 2018

Yet another ridiculous test. Put the new one against a Volvo 850R.

JUICYJUICE 25 April 2018

Old vovlo was better and stronger. And diesels stupidly expensive.

hernan alonso 01 May 2018

mmm 2017 Volvo V90 D5 90k vs 1996 Volvo 850 T5 for 1k? I will keep in my pocket 89k!

Liam Sutcliffe 04 May 2018

Goes to show, you need to consider torque and weight 😉

Neiko Belic 10 May 2018

Modern desires suck old desires FTW

greathey1234 17 May 2018

Who buys a Volvo to do drag racings?

andy vdw 22 May 2018

auto vs manual. so whats the point of racing? cant compare

Vanessa Paul 28 May 2018

Liked this video wish more challenges But you didn t activate Sports mode on the old Volvo

Jesper Danielsson 04 June 2018

This is the absolute worst comparison. Should ve had a manual FWD v90 otherwise it doesnt matter

Brammerzworkouts 05 June 2018

Old 850 t5 was never a drag car.fwd and 225 bhp.was always gona wheel spin off the line. Their forte tho was the rolling start.

Jaski Kiiski 10 June 2018

If both cars have 500k kilometers on clock t5 looks like same and new d5 is rusty metal cube

David Jones 15 June 2018

I’ve have a derv, but Petrol will always be the best for a fun drive

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