Бмв х3 или вольво хс60

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  • Дата публикации: 11 May 2018
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KSERGEIBY 11 May 2018

The choice is obvious. The true premium offering, ie BMW!

Antonio Curto Pelle 15 May 2018

La nuova Volvo xc60 é veramente bella.comoda come un salotto.super tecnologica.e super sicura.tra l altro ho visto al Studio Volvo di Milano pure la nuova Volvo xc40,entrambi sono bellissimo e totalmente nuove made in svezia.quale scegliere tra la due.w Volvo

Will Mac 21 May 2018

BMW interiors are really looking dated now! They need a new interior team imo. Volvo wins this one.

ALHKC Black 23 May 2018

I also vote Volvo. The design is cleaner and more classy. BMW seems too busy overworked like they re trying too hard. More isn t always better because it looks like a cockroach or something. Clean designs like the Volvo stand the test of time better.

sf dsf 25 May 2018

I drive a volvo. I like volvo. But my old jeep is the real XC vehicle! If you like big street car buy a van.

Ronald Yap 28 May 2018

What did anyone learn about the two cars? Nothing. this kind of minimal effort, cut and paste video editorial with zero commentary is totally worthless and not 100% unneeded and a million times waste of time.

Wiz Ruby 30 May 2018

BMW Interior seems to be better than Volvo. Especially, I like their Stylish automatic gear. Exterior Volvo seems to have edge but seems like equal.

Michael Kiko 31 May 2018

the volvo is very beautiful but the bmw is more special, more disign this is the difference for me.

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