Volvo 740 gl вся информация

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  • Дата публикации: 12 February 2018
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witteman adrian 13 February 2018

Thanks for the lesson.did the valve adjustment cure the compression problem and rough running?

g quinn 19 February 2018

He did no even show how to remove, measure, or crank the cam in position. lazy asshole!

HARwEST 22 February 2018

Hello! I am writing you from Russia. Have in their use of the Volvo 940. Knock valve I want them to adjust, but I do not know the sequence of operations, and that it needs. Could you describe in detail the process of adjustment, and that it needs. Vehicle mileage 180000 km. Thank you!

2stroketurbo 23 February 2018

Contact IPD. I think it s $ 200 bucks refundable when you return the shim kit plus you need the 40 dollar tool to compress buckets, shims were 3 or 5 bucks each

2stroketurbo 28 February 2018

I rented the entire shim kit form IPD, then just paid for the shims I needed. I d advise you to do the same.

2stroketurbo 02 March 2018

these are a pain, it s what it is.

PrairieDogPoo 06 March 2018

Give me push rods and rockers any day.

kstadden 12 March 2018

Thanks for that little lesson, Mark. Very interesting. Too often it seems design and cost priorities leave the person owning the aging car out in the cold. I was a motorcycle mechanic and saw lots of bucket-and-shim adjustment in that world. It made me like my 2-stroke Suzukis even more.

2stroketurbo 14 March 2018

Today valve adjustments are automatic, and expected to be, back in 1988, not so much. It was expected mantainence. I predict timing belts will go away soon as well

GoliathAngelus 19 March 2018

Indeed surprising. On the other hand, its, not. Volvo had always good engines that can go a long time. Maybe it was their way of car building on lower costs

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